Justin Bieber Surprises Fans on His Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour 2016

Two weeks have passed since Justin Bieber has launched his nine-month-long Purpose World Tour, and already, it is called to be one of the large-scale tours. This success can be attributed to the Bieber’s album he is now promoting, which is probably his best work thus far. Moreover, we should not forget about all those creative opening acts and big surprises with special guests the pop start is doing.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Probably the most intriguing part of the Purpose Tour is the way Justin Bieber communicates with his fans on the stage. During his performance in San Jose, the 22 -years-old star invited a lucky fan to join him on stage and style his hair. He shows to be quite fussy about his tail, asking the fan how tight she is binding it and whether she made it centrally on his head. But she did a great job, and they hugged in the end.

For sure, this is something numerous artists do, yet it should not be ignored. Surf through Twitter on Purpose World Tour and you will see A BUNCH of related pictures of Justin interacting with his fans and making their nights much more unique.

Justin Bieber Greeting Fans

As a reminded, this is Justin’s first world tour after three years, and a lot of things have happened after that. Many fans have left him after a chain of scandals and bad new; however, a lot have not do that. So, to rejoice his reunion with his Beliebers, Justin has decided to communicate with his fans as much as possible, offering them memories they will not forget.

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