Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross record joint album

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross joint album

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross began working on a joint album. Ashley told about that in a recent interview with Entertainment.

Me and Mr Ross… #LOVE

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“Evan and I are making an album together,” she told. “Both of us were in the studio separately, and then one day we were like, ‘Let’s go together!’ It’s been really fun to do it together. It’s special.”

For spouses, parenting little daughter Jagger and seven-year son Ashley from a previous marriage, it is not easy to find time for a joint campaign in the studio, but the desire to record an album together is stronger. Simpson admitted that she found it difficult to balance between career and life, because Jagger has just ten months. The husband, according to her words, helps a lot with the kids, and they are happy together.

She continued, “It’s a good balance. Being a mom and having the kids and doing my music and going to the studio, you definitely have to have a balance in your life with everything. That’s been something really important for me, and it’s come naturally. My husband is also awesome – he helps out a lot!”

According to the actress, she caught herself thinking that since her daughter was born, and she cleans the house all the time. Young children do not leave a day of rest. She fears kids can take something dirty in the mouth.

Looks like cleaning the house takes so much time in the life of the singer, that the joint album will include a song about it.

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