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Nelly Furtado introduced new Calvin Harris cover

Nelly Furtado introduced new Calvin Harris cover

Nelly Furtado introduced a new song “Feel So Close”, which is a cover version on the eponymous single of Calvin Harris.

While Harris’s initial 2012 track was heavy and crazy, Nelly Furtado’s version is romantic and demure, ultimately picking up some speed but never getting close to club territory. Rather, she lets her remarkable vocals lead the charge, making people wonder when her four-year music drought will eventually terminate.

Furtado posted on her Facebook page on June, 6 that she originally sang a live version of “Feel So Close” in 2012, but now she wants to record her own studio version.

“I originally did a live version of this Calvin Harris’ cover FEEL SO CLOSE at a radio station in 2012 which was posted on YOUTUBE. I decided recently to record my own version in the studio and post it exclusively on SPOTIFY so that music fans can enjoy streaming it. I chose SPOTIFY for this as they are very artist friendly and compensate musicians well for their art. I know some people have been using this as a “first dance” wedding song, and summer is here, so enjoy!”

Furtado has been teasing what could be album number six on her Instagram, and it looks like this cover may be a promising sign of more music to come.

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