Rammstein vocalist came on stage with suicide belt

German band Rammstein, famous for their provocative performances, seems to run it into the ground.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann performed at the festival Rock in Vienna in a vest, simulating a suicide belt. During the performance of the song “Zerstören” the belt has sparked, creating the impression that the musician explodes himself.

Rammstein vocalist came onstage with suicide belt

The festival visitors posted a recorded video on YouTube.

The song title translates as Zerstören “Destroy”. In the text there are these lines: “I want to care for what belongs to me, and the rest – to burn and incinerate. To break, to smash, to crush, to put his”.

As noted by a German edition, the audience was scared of Lindemann action; many of them did not realize that the device was a fake. Many European media harshly criticized the musician.

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