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Sting recording a rock album

Sting New Album

Sting is working on a new album. The record will be much harder than anything that the musician did in recent years.

“It’s not a lute album,” he said. “It’s rockier than anything I’ve done in a while. This record is a sort of omnibus of everything that I do, but the flagship seems to be this energetic thing. I’m very happy to put up the mast and see how it goes.”

Sting entitled the new creation 57th & 9th (named after the intersection he crosses to get to the studio every day), which has him returning to the guitar-driven rock music he hasn’t made in decades.

The singer’s manager Martin Kirshenbaum, who observed that the musician had begun to fall into melancholy after closing his musical “The Last Ship”, suggested him an idea to create a new album.

On the advice of Martin, Sting rented a studio and gathered a small group of musicians. Among them were a drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, guitarist Dominic Miller, as well as Last Bandoleros band members Jerry Fuentes and Diego Navaira. All songs were just winged and then recorded.

Sting covered many themes in his new record, among which immigration, climate change and death. The track “50,000” is dedicated to Prince’s departure from life. It is reported the release of the album, which will be the twelfth in the discography of the singer, is scheduled on November, 11.



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