Adele called her fan amid concert in Los Angeles

Adele Called Fan Concert

British singer Adele has arranged a pleasant surprise for one of her fans. During her performance in Los Angeles, the singer called a fan, who could not come to the concert because of illness, from the stage via FaceTime.

Before calling, Adele invited two girls from the audience on stage and received a request from one of them to call a friend. Adele agreed, called and finally made a selfie with the girls.

“Hello, Marisa! I would like to say even if you are ill, I am very glad you did not come to a front row to make me ill. Thank you so much for staying home,” said the singer during a video call.

This is not the first case of ‘interesting’ behavior of the singer on the stage. For example, recently Adele has stopped her concert in Paris in order to watch football.

Adele’s concert was held at the same time as the opening match of the European Football Championship between France and Romania. On this occasion, Adele decided to suspend her show for a few minutes to watch the game on the big screen and allow her French fans to see what is happening on the field.

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  • Hi Max! I’m Annie one of the girls that went on stage. Marisa is my girlfriend. I wish I could’ve come home and tell my girlfriend it was all my idea to FaceTime her while on stage with Adele, but it was actually Adele’s idea before she even pulled us up on stage!

    • Hello, Annie! It’s a great piece of luck you have seen Adele face to face. Many fans of her dream of such opportunity.

      I wish your friend Marisa getting well soon and having a chance to visit Adele’s concert, however Adele has reported several hours ago that she cancels her concert in Phoenix on August 17 due to cold. It seems she caught it while talking with Marisa via phone. )

      Have a nice day and say hello to Marisa for me!

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