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Fans harmed at the Snoop Dogg concert

Snoop Dogg concert New Jersey

A concert of American rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in Kadmene, New Jersey, ended not good for their fans. The incident has occurred during their performance on the BB&T Pavilion concert venue.

Listening to a concert, happy to the pitch of ecstasy fans piled on top of the fence, which could not stand pressure of the crowd and fell from three meters high to some of them. As a result, dozens of people were injured of various degrees. The official reports revealed that about 42 people were taken to the hospital, however it is obvious that the number of victims is much higher.

Of course, the concert was stopped immediately after the incident. Then the rappers continued their performance, but the atmosphere was unfavourable.

Recall that Snoop Dogg will give concerts in the USA till September 2 of this year.

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