Massive Attack released a video for The Spoils

Massive Attack The Spoils

Massive Attack continues to create videos for the tracks from the last album. The British band has released a video for the song The Spoils, recorded with the participation of a vocalist of Mazzy Star band, Hope Sandoval.

The video starred a Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett. Directed by John Hillcoat, best known for the films “The Road” and “Lawless”.

“The Spoils” is the second and final single from the eponymous EP of the band, which was released on July 29 this year. Also, the song “Come Near Me” came out this July – a video is no less frightening.

Like most of the band’s videos, the new music video for the single The Spoils was shot in very dark and minimalist style. At the beginning of the clip, we see a face of Cate Blanchett illuminated by weak light from different sides. Throughout the video, her face turns into a wax mask, dummy, voodoo doll or stone sculpture.

Recall that Massive Attack released EP “Ritual Spirit” in January 2016. This is the first release of the band since 2010, when they released their album “Heligoland”.

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