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The 15 Most Expected Tours of Fall 2016

15 Most Expected Tours of Fall 2016

Before we look at the most popular tours of the coming fall 2016, let’s remind the most memorable we have already seen this year. We have seen the comeback of Radiohead, Kanye West’s floating stage, live shows of Adele, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Fifth Harmony, Selene Gomez and Pearl Jam.

The below 25 concerts are the most expected for this fall season.

15. Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd Fall Tours 2016

Rae Sremmurd, the popular hip hop duo is hitting the road this fall and also inviting Millenial Lil Yachty to join them. The band will perform such tracks as “By Chance” and the Lil Jon-featuring “Set the Roof”. Just look at the tour poster of those boys and we are sure you will get the idea of what is going to happen at their show.

14. Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam Tours 2016

Yusuf Islam is going on the road this fall with “A Cat’s Attic” tour. It will be the singer’s first public live concert in New York City since 1976. In a recent interview, the singer stated that during the tour he would feature “stripped-down, introspective performances”. So, only one way to check it is to come to the Yusuf’s show and indulge artist’s beloved songs.

13. Mitski

Mitski Tours 2016

Visiting Mitski show is a great opportunity no one should miss. The power of her music, mainly her latest release “Puberty 2”, makes it evident that Mitski requires of her fans just engagement. Apparently, Mitski’s concert will be considered one of the most personal live shows of this fall.

12. Morrissey

Morrissey Tours 2016

The approaching Morrissey tour couldn’t not be missed from the list of the most anticipated tours of this fall. The ex -Smiths leader has numerous times canceled a lot of his shows, but at the same time declines from being slowed down due to illness and apparently has some new material on the way. About thirty years after “The Queen Is Dead”, the artist still performs for huge crowds.

11. Kaytranada

Kaytranada Tour 2016


Kaytranada has been working behind the scenes on numerous singles for Mobb Deep and Vic Mensa soon enough before appearing on the stage back in May with his debut album “99.9%”. At the beginning of this year, the artist has already visited Europe and the United States, but right now, he came back with a new leg of tour dates.

10. Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen Tours 2016

Angel Olsen is soon releasing one of the greatest albums of the year. The folk singer and songwriter is more like a rock star these days. Get a chance to go to one of her shows this fall and be sure you won’t forget it.

9. Phish

Phish Tours 2016

Without a doubt, one thing that Phish know how to do is to perform at concerts. In 1997, they gathered an audience of more than 75.000 people during The Great Went. Thus, expect the massive and amazing atmosphere at the live shows Phish are going to perform at the coming October.

8. Norah Jones

Norah-Jones Tours 2016

Norah Jones’ future album “Day Breaks” is apparently going to return the start back to her jazzy roots. Her recent song “Come Away with Me” became a mega hit. So, if you are eager to indulge Jones’ beautiful voice make sure to buy a ticket to one of her shows.

7. Ms. Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill Tours 2016

The ex-Fugees singer is hitting the road with “The MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling! Tour”, which is going to bring a lot of special guests at every city during the tour. Precisely who that may be is still a secret, however you will for sure see performances of Machel Montano, The Soul Rebels, Talib Kweli and Jesse Royal. Even during a lot of years, Lauryn Hill has received a reputation for not being punctual, yet the originality of her performances must be well worth the wait.

6. Japandroids

Japandroids Tours 2016

For all Japandroids’ rock fans their unexpected return is great news of the year. Even though their tour dates are quite limited, and there is no information on new music, it is a great step forward, following up their popular 2012 album “Celebration Rock”.

5. Sia

Sia Tours 2016

Sia’s “This is Acting” tour is mostly composed of tracks written for and turned down by some other artists, that means that they often seem quite identifiable as a meant Shakira single or a song most suited for Adele. Sia as always stands behind the stage with her face partially covered. But yet her singles and her fantastic live shows remain her brilliant facets that could never be hidden. If you are willing to enjoy genuine and professional artistry, then SIA’s 2016 fall tour is a must see for you.

4. Temple Of The Dog

Temple-Of-The-Dog Tours 2016

One of the year’s most thrilling and surprising reunions was made by Temple of the Dog. The band’s forthcoming tour is the best opportunity to catch them. Unlikely that they present any new music from their previous bands, but these concerts are also very likely to involve several Mother Love Bone tracks, that sound great.

3. Bon Iver

Bon Iver Tours 2016

After we have heard tracks from Bon Iver’s forthcoming “22, A Million” album in Eaux Claires, we were counting days until the folk band announces tour dates. Unfortunately for now, Justin Vernon is expected to perform just several California concerts in October. Let’s hope that they tours will be expanded after the album is released.

2. Chance The Rapper

Chance-The-Rapper Tours 2016

Chance the Rapper has released this year probably the most important album of his career. So, it is not a secret that the tour is coming in support of the album. Performing at the largest venues of his whole music career, as well as his own home town music festival will decide if Chance is prepared to compete with famous and already reputable hip-hop stars. It’s an important moment for the singer so we should sustain him with our presence at the tour.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West Tours 2016

Following the release of the “The Life of Pablo” album, all fans started to wait for the supporting shows. Kanye West is not going to keep his fans in the cold, and announces a range of fall tour dates mostly in USA. The more dates are currently planned for New York and Los Angeles. Make sure you do not miss this tour, as West is planning something interesting.

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