The Killers recording new album

The Killers New Album

American band The Killers is recording a new, fifth studio album.

The band’s Ronnie Vannucci Jr. confirmed “we go into the studio 2 days from now. On the 9th [September], we start on the 9th.”

He continued:

“We’ll see what happens. We’ve been working with different people and seeing how it feels, and we’re starting to work with another person now. I don’t know if we wanna reveal who that is.”

Vannucci Jr. also commented on rumours about the band working with Elton John.

“First of all it would be great to work with Elton John,” he said. “But we haven’t done anything beside the Christmas song [‘Joseph, Better You Than Me’] with him. That would be awesome to work with him, especially in a songwriting capacity… that dude is no joke when it comes to writing songs. That would be fun, but that is just a rumour. A nice rumour, I suppose!”

The rock quartet from Las Vegas released their last album in 2012 – a record ‘Battle Born’. The release of the fifth studio album is scheduled for 2017.

The first album ‘Hot Fuss’ came out in 2004, the second single from which – ‘Mr. Brightside’- brought success to musicians and hit the charts. After that the first single ’Somebody Told Me’ was successfully reissued.

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