Moby released new album anyone to buy

Moby These Systems Are Failing

Richard Melville Hall, also known as Moby, released a new album ‘These Systems Are Failing’. The musician positions this work as a joint project with The Void Pacific Choir, although he recorded it alone.

“I approached this record like a four year old would approach making breakfast out of everything they like: ice-cream, the dog, their toy cars and toast. I put in everything I like: punk and post-punk and new wave and euphoric rave and yelling.

I played this album to some friends in the music business and they said Um, OK, it sounds pretty angry.’ So I went away and made it even angrier.”

The musician also explained why his new album is not threatened to have commercial success.

“First and foremost, no one buys records. Maybe Taylor Swift fans. Two, people especially don’t buy a 51-year-old musician’s 15th record. Three, people especially don’t buy the 15th record of a 51-year-old musician who refuses to tour. You could even add a fourth one: a 51-year-old musician who refuses to make records with 19-year-old pop stars.”


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