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New album of OneRepublic ‘Oh My My’

OneRepublic New Album Oh My My

The new album of the band OneRepublic ‘Oh My My’ was published on October 7, 2016.

“We wanted to make sure that you could actually hear the human beings and the actual instruments that are in the actual songs, so that’s the last thing I’ll say. It’s new and very modern but there’s still a big dose of humanity in it because you can actually hear the players”, says the leader of the band Ryan Tedder.

It is difficult to speak about the genre of rock in relation to this album because this time the musicians have preferred EDM – electronic dance music. To be more precise, works of French duo Cassius and Daft Punk influenced strongly on the record. However, a change of genres is a typical characterization to OneRepublic.

In a recent interview Ryan Tedder said:

“As a band, if you’re going to evolve and grow, you have to win over new people. You’re trying to reach as many as possible—you can’t do that by doing the same thing over and over.”

The ‘Oh My My’ album includes 16 songs in a standard version and 20 in deluxe. The record features three cooperations: ‘Oh My My’ with Cassius, ‘A.I.’ with Peter Gabriel and ‘NbHD’ with Santigold.

OneRepublic new LP was well received by critics.

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