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US rapper Murs sets live rap record

Murs Live Rap Record

US rapper Murs intends to break the world record for the duration of the rap read. The actor has launched 26-hour online broadcast on YouTube, during which he performs his own songs and classic hip-hop. This time includes two o’clock periodic short breaks.

“Combining my own compositions with songs I love by other artists should keep me amped up enough,” rapper says. “If not, there’s coffee and coffee”, said Murs.

The rapper claims that Lil ‘Yachty, who could not name five songs of Tupac, gave him that idea. Murs decided to pay tribute to the masters of the genre in such original way, and at the same time educate the younger generation.

“Lil’ Yachty made his statement about not having to know older songs. And then setting this record became more about me paying tribute to the music I grew up on. And using this platform to maybe even expose someone younger or unaware to the classics,” Murs says of the teenage rapper.

He added that he stays awake that long not the first time, because sometimes he spent 24 hours straight playing video games.


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