Fortnite: The Best Video Game of Our Time!

A boy plays Fortnite Battle Royale on his Xbox one

Fortnite is one of the best online games available on online platforms and rightly so. Being a combat game, it is a favorite among teens and adults who need a way to express their anger.

Believe it or not, combat video games are a great stress buster and are perfect for a recreational session after a hectic and stressful day at work or school/college.

Coming to Fortnite, why is it so special and why is it recommended by professional gamers all across the world?

Read on to find out.

What is Fortnite about?

Fortnite is an open-field game where your character fights with other characters provided either by the game itself or other contestants.

This game is a shooter game and you will have to attack and defend yourself accordingly to survive in the game. This is similar to other combat games. However, the number of options this game has for a small game like itself is indeed commendable.

This game is extremely small in size compared to its counterparts and can easily fit in the device of your choice without harming its functioning or slowing down your device in any way.

What are the modes?

Fortnite has three major modes. One is a single-player and the other two are multi-players in which players up to 100 can play together.

The most basic model of the game is the single-player game which allows you to play alone and your only task is to fight off zombie-like creatures. This is the most basic and simple version of the game and can be played by any newbie.

The more difficult modes are for people who are a bit acquainted with the game and know their way around things. In the second mode, you can fight out around 100 competitors to be the last man standing. In the last mode, you can also create your battlefields and words.

These levels or modes are for gamers who are a bit more experienced. Nonetheless, no matter the difficulty level, the gameplay is easy and can be learned without any worries.

It’s free. Yes, you heard that right.

Combat games are usually very expensive owing to the high quality of their graphics and other high-grade features. This is where Fortnite is different from other combat games.

Not only does it have the best features for a combat game of its size, but it is also free. Moreover, this game has a wide compatibility range and is highly compatible with any device or operating system.

No matter which device or system you use, you can easily download and enjoy Fortnite on it.

Fortnite does have an in-game currency system in place. They named this currency “V-Bucks” and you can only get them if you pay up with real dollars. These V-Bucks can be utilized to get a whole lot of items, item upgrades and Fortnite skins. Visit this German V-Bucks website to receive them for free, it’s not allowed by Epic Games so use with caution!

What about the audience?

As mentioned earlier, some people all around the world are skeptical of combat games harming their or their children’s mental health in any way.

While this may hold for some very gory combat games, it is barely true for Fortnite. In this game, the violence is childish and harmless. However, since it does indeed have some violence, it has been labeled as an appropriate game for people over 12.

Whether violent or not, children should always play combat games under parental supervision.

These are only a few of the many things you have to know about this amazing game. Go ahead and download it yourself to get the most immersive combat gaming experience.