The New Season of Fortnite Has Many New Opportunities

Teenager playing Fortnite video game

Fortnite is an online game based on encounters between either between two players or between a player and the environment.

There are various modes available for the game including- Fortnite Creative, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save The World. The brand new season of the game is out with the list of new equipment. The game’s Royale battle is surrounded by water from all sides in the new season.

The aquatic game play elements are featured in the latest season, thus it is quite different from rest of the seasons.

The major portion of the map has been changed in the new season. Places like Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp are eliminated in the new season.

Several mobility options are available along with the presence of several new weapons. Marauder which is referred to as the NPC enemies are also included in the new season of Fortnite.

New Season With New Adventures

It is assumed that in the coming future, a major part of the island will be covered in the map. Along with this, a new battle pass had also been introduced with the launch of the brand new season.

The player can have the access to more locations and roadways. Thus, there will be new excitement with the approaching new season. Several weapons will be unlocked in the new season, enabling the players to build their own umbrella.

The game had crossed more than 350 million players worldwide and is quite popular because of the presence of challenges and interesting weapons. Party Royale which is considered to be a violence free social space has also been introduced in the new season.

This new season was welcomed with the occurrence of a great event organised by the designers of the game mode. It crossed more than 12 million views on YouTube. This clearly shows that this season is actually appreciated among the players.


Is Fortnite available for kids?

It is not generally recommended for the kids to indulge themselves in battle arenas and games where the players have to deal with zombie like creatures and have to survive at any cost.

This game has earned a T rating which signifies that it is best suited for kids. It may have a violent impact on kids that might be quite disturbing, thus they are generally advised not to involve themselves in such games.

Why is Fortnite addictive?

The addiction in the game basically lies in the competition in dealing with the environment and other squads. The better performance helps to unlock the various shields and weapons.

Thus, if you have a competitive mindset and if you want to excel in every level, Fortnite might prove to be quite addictive. The players generally win at the skin of their teeth, thus it is quite difficult to compete and get out of the mode with flying colors.

Also the fact that they have an currency called V-Bucks, makes this game highly addictive. These can be used to obtain in-game items that gives you an advantage over other players. Of course, you can only purchase them with real money, this is how Epic Games makes their profits.

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Why is Fortnite considered to be a game full of competition?

It is a game which is indeed full of competition. The players have to fight either among themselves or against the environment to survive and collect the maximum number of weapons possible.

Thus, there is a competition between the players to survive the toughest conditions at all cost.