Unknown Knights – Conquering the Dark Lord’s Tower

Unknown Knights

When it comes to online mobile games, there are many categories to choose from. One such online mobile game category that has a huge fan community behind is the role-playing games (RPG). Such games allow the user to play the role of any character in the game. The game proceeds through the point of view of that character.

Do you love games that involve battles and fights? Do you like the idea of defeating a negative force? Would you love if these concepts were put together in a role-playing game? If yes, then the Unknown Knights game is one such role-playing game that you will love. It has an amazing plot behind the game and the features are simply marvelous.

About the gameplay

The Unknown Knights game is developed and published by Teamarex. The game follows your story as you try to defeat the Dark Lord and his tower with the help of your loyal knights and soldiers. As you progress through the game, new challenges will keep coming up. Steer the game’s narrative as you go through the various levels.

The battle-like setting of the Unknown Knights game is unique and provides the players with rogue-like encounters. There are many tasks you need to complete to proceed further in the game. There will be problems to be solved, dark knights to be hired, etc.

Features of the game

The game of Unknown Knights has many wonderful features that make the game very exciting. This role-playing game has a real-time action strategy. This allows the players to control more than one unit at the same time using the 4 game control buttons.

These 4 buttons are for the four options- attack, charge, parry and, defense. Timing is the key to win in Unknown Knights. During your journey, there will be so many random encounters you will have to face.

The choice you make will result in the consequence. It is different according to the choice you make. There will be wandering wizards and underground monsters etc. who will come to either request you for something or challenge you.

The other details of the game

The Unknown Knights game has more than 290 events and stories and more than 350 battle scenarios. All of these will be affected by the choices you make. The knights in the game are divided into 13 specialties.

There is also an online ranking of your scores. The difficulty levels are of 3 types of varying difficulties for players of various skill levels. You can unlock the gifts through different methods. The Unknown Knights also have a randomly generated play map. Throughout the whole game, there will be almost ten hidden bosses for you to find out.


In short, this game is a must-have on your mobile screen. Unknown Knights game is a perfect combination of battles, role-playing, and user afflicted choice-making situations. Give this online mobile role-playing game a try.

You will not regret playing Unknown Knights as you will be addicted from day one.